Villa Sandhaghe

Villa Sandhaghe was a German naval headquarters.

Villa Sandhaghe (Hogeweg 18) was built in 1907 at the highest point of Van Stolkpark. During the Second World War, this house and a number of other properties in the area were requisitioned by the German occupation authorities to become the headquarters of the ‘Führer der Schnellboote’. From April 1942, German officer Rudolf Petersen commanded fourteen flotillas from here. Each was composed of eight torpedo boats and an escort ship and they operated out of ports like Rotterdam, Ostend and Boulogne. A tunnel ran from Villa Sandhaghe to the Belvedère dune, where a command post was created seven metres underground. The villa was defended by four small bunkers (tobruks) and anti-aircraft batteries. Underground outbuildings included group accommodation, a kitchen and a water supply bunker. These were linked together by roofed trenches.
When the headquarters was moved to Germany in November 1944, the complex was taken over by the Seekommandant Mittelholland.

PictureHogeweg met Sandhaghe, 1946. Haags Gemeentearchief
Villa Ten Vijver, demolished in 1943

Villa Ten Vijver, demolished in 1943.

Lake with  Villa Ten Vijver

Lake with  Villa Ten Vijver. 

Rudolf Petersen

Rudolf Petersen

Bunker in Belvedèreweg

Bunker in Belvedèreweg, 1945. The Hague City Archives

Hogeweg with Sandhaghe

Hogeweg with Sandhaghe, 1946. The Hague City Archives